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  • July 2018

 has awarded another project     PD Lab Project to RNC Singapore. Works will be carried out in the existing facilities.  


·         May 2018

RNC Singapore has completed    HWFI Plant Project under  

The value of the completed project was SGD$1.2million.


  • Mar 2018

Linde Gas award Maintenance Contract for 16th Consecutive Year to Hiap Seng Engineering Pte Ltd    and Hiap Seng Engineering Pte Ltd continue to trust and award the Electrical & Instrument Services to RNC Singapore.


  • Feb 2018

recommended RNC Singapore for SAR 2 Interconnecting Pipeline Project in Jurong Island after good support shown for Shell Marina Project.

RNC has started working again for    after a gap of 10 years.


·         Jan 2018

LV Master Plan which involves upgrading of LV Switch Board in a Live Plant for 9nos Switch Houses in different location is renewed by Shell  shell.gif  .



  • Oct 2017

    continues to have good faith in RNC Singapore and awarded     MSB Project.


  • Apr 2017

RNC Singapore successfully completed ’s  Extension of Sewage Treatment Plant Project on Jurong Island under the Main Contractor,  HSL Constructor Pte Ltd    .

  • Mar 2017

RNC Singapore was awarded project by Shell  shell.gif   in Tuas for their Shell Marina Project which comprised Grease Manufacturing Plant and Lube Oil Blending Plant in June 2015. RNC Singapore along with the EPC Contractor Amec Foster Wheeler        successfully completed the project at a value of SGD$8.6million with peak manpower of 200men and Zero Loss Time Injury for nearly 500,000 manhours.


  • Feb 2017

LendLease Singapore Pte Ltd     continues to have good faith in RNC Singapore and awarded Amgen     HWFI Project.


  • Jan 2017

RNC Singapore did successfully transition from ISO 9001:2007 to ISO 9001:2015.

ISO Certification is by SAC and UKAS Management System.



  • Dec 2016

After good support by RNC Singapore for     in Tuas Project,     awarded Afton     Project Admin & Warehouse Building to RNC Singapore for a value of almost SGD$1million.


  • Nov 2016

Alcon Japan Line at Tuas – Alcon Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd’s Plant

RNC Singapore has successfully completed     Alcon Japan Line Project on Tuas.


  • Oct 2016

RNC Singapore starts working for  , they have awarded minor works in Abbvie       Singapore.


  • Jun 2016

Shell  shell.gif   awarded a Fast Track Project to RNC Singapore for ECC Recovery Project in Pulau Bukom. RNC Singapore completed the project worth nearly SGD$4million in a period of 4 months.


  • Apr 2016

RNC Singapore has successfully completed Public Utilities Board     Project on Jurong Island. 


  • Jan 2015
RNC Singapore has successfully completed  Shell's Leo & Silver Project  on Jurong Island, and Shell's ECC DBN & FR project  in Shell shell.gif Bukom, with no loss time injury.
Total man-hours without LTI was 795,656 man-hours, with a combined contract value of SGD$ 20 million.


Jurong Aromatic Corporation - OSBL Plant

Successful completion of project installation with no loss time injury for a total of 497,488 man-hours utilized in this project.


  • 1st Nov 2013
ECC DBN & FR Project @ Shell shell.gif Bukom.

Shell Bukom awards third consecutive major project to RNC Singapore.


  • 17th Jun 2013
Leo & Silver Project
Upon the sucessful completion of Scot & Bugis Project, Shell shell.gif has awarded another Project in Jurong Island to RNC Singapore. In this project, RNC Singapore will be involved in Electrical and Instrumentation (E & I) Work in Leo & Silver Project. 

  • 31st Mar 2013

    RNC Singapore has successfully completed Shell’s Scot & Bugis Project  in Pulau Bukom. The value of the completed project was SGD$ 13.5 million.

  •  09th Jan 2013

    RNC has renewed as Building and Construction Authority Registered Contractors under the following workheads. 

    1.       ME01 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works (Grade L1).
    2.       ME04 Communication & Security Systems (Grade L2).
    3.       ME05 Electrical Engineering (Grade L5).


  • 1st Oct 2012

    Jurong Aromatic Complex Project

    RNC Singapore was awarded the installation, testing & commissioning of electrical & instrumentation works at JAC OSBL Project Project by  Essar Projects Singapore Pte Ltd (EPS). 
  • 27th Feb 2012

    Shell Bukom's Master Plan 2 Project 

    RNC Singapore was awarded the electrical contract works by Siemens Pte Ltd / SWTS Pte Ltd for their project in Pulau Bukom which includes upgrading of existing electrical installations.


  • Apr 2011

    Shell’s Scot n Bugis Project
    RNC Singapore is pleased to announce that Shell shell.gif has once again shown faith in RNC Singapore to execute its Mega Project in Pulau Bukom. After the successful completion of the Houdini project from 2007 to 2009 Shell shell.gif has awarded the SCOT n BUGIS project – electrical and instrumentation work to us. This continuous support and confidence shall make us further improve our capabilities; we will continue to provide our best service on time and within budget without compromise on safety and quality of work.
  • 24th Feb 2011

    Stolhaven project 

    RNC Singapore was awarded the electrical, telephone, ancillary works and A.C.M.V. installation contract for Stolhaven project on Jurong Island.
  • 17th Feb 2011

    RNC received GOLD AWARD  in recognition of zero HSSE performance from 2006 - 2010 from shell.gif Shell Eastern Petroleum Ltd.


  • 12 Sep 2010

RNC is awarded a project by REC.JPG  (Renewable Energy Corporation) for its new walkway project at Tuas. This project introduce solar panel casting and commissioning work. Project expected to complete in Nov 2010. 
  • 14 Oct 2010
    RNC was awarded the bizSAFE Enterprise Level STAR.jpgcertificate by WSH COUNCIL. The bizsafe programme promotes workplace safety and health  (WSH) in Singapore. It is the initiative of Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, under the auspices of the WSH Advisory Committee.